B.C.I.S. – Our First School Project

Over the past 7 months Stubley Studio have been tasked with creating a concept design for a brand new Sports Academy high school in Mae Hia Chiang Mai with all the bells and whistles including; an olympic size swimming pool, sports centre and two full-size rugby union pitches.
The new high school is called British Chinese International School. At the back end of 2020 Stubley Studio had a meeting to go over the first iteration of the scheme. This school was master-planned to generate a feeling of inspiration. The property has views of a mountain range to the west which were incorporated into the concept. Each classroom has a view of the mountain range whilst taking into consideration environmental issues such as overheating.
After a 5 hour meeting with the client, Stubley Studio have since reworked the project and awaiting to have a second meeting to verify the design concept before working up the scheme.

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