Seaside Retreat in the Middle of Chiang Mai

Stubley Studio is always trying to think up new and creative ways to design an environment. UGO restaurant was no different. Back in February 2019 we spoke with the owners of UGO. After a good hour of chatting, Stubley Studio became aware that most people that visited UGO predominantly ate the seafood. *Light bulb idea* – As well as giving UGO a face lift, let’s give the restaurant an image, a theme. A seaside retreat in the middle of Chiang Mai.
To begin there were a few tables dotted around the floor. Firstly Stubley Studio decided to design in a cushioned wall bench. This gives UGO the perfect place to put big parties, or to divide it up to multiples 2’s and fours.
UGO Restaurant/Chiang Mai/Architecture/Stubley Studio
Currently there was no feature within the restaurant to direct the customers gaze or to give the customers a sense of being in a space to experience. Stubley Studio resolved this in three ways. The main wall feature that you’d see as you walk or drive past the restaurant id the far wall. To generate this ‘holiday destination’ type of setting we placed a wall paper with a huge Thailand seafront landscape on it to entice prospective customers into the restaurant.
Next, Stubley Studio tackled the bar that stretched along the left wall. Stubley Studio revamped this by scrapping everything that was on the wall behind. 1.2m Cupboard units with a work surface on top were placed all along the wall. The wall was then painted sky blue to tie in with the theme then the restaurant name, UGO was placed in the centre of the wall behind the bar.
Lastly, on the right wall, currently had nothing entertaining to amuse the seated guests. Stubley Studio designed for the wall to be painted white, then for a Projected image in the centre of the wall to be playing videos of sea life and scenes at the beach for the customers to interact with.
Finally, as Stubley Studio wanted to turn this restaurant into an experience, the feel of being at the seaside. We asked the owners of UGO to play soundtracks of gentle crashing waves and seaside noises to complete this immersive seaside experience in the middle of Chiang Mai located next to Tah Pae Gate.